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INFO 1 – Galaxy Challenge / Saturday 02 June 2018, Kempton Park

INFO 2 - Jock of the Bushveld / Saturday 09 June 2018, Nelspruit

INFO 3 - WAKO Cadet / Junior World Championships 2018 Venice, Italy



INFO 1 – Galaxy Challenge / Saturday 02 June 2018, Kempton Park

Dear Athletes and Coaches

You are cordially invited to the annual Galaxy Challenge.:

The entrance fee for individual category is R250,00. The athletes can enrol other superior categories adding R50,00 to the basic entrance fee for each category

All entries are non-refundable

Conditions to enter the competition:

Sportsman identity card (if available)

Student agreement and Parent agreement (minors only) to enter the competition.

Mandatory Protection Gear: Headgear, gloves, mouth piece, shin protection, boots, groin protection and (not mandatory) breast protection for girls.

The Tournament Organisers reserve the right to divide or combine divisions at their own discretion

The organization reserve the right to make changes to the program.

All individual entry sheets/waivers must be completed and handed in at the weigh-in at the venue. No competitor may compete without being registered. Your assistance will be appreciated.

Events are:

  • Semi-contact points fighting
  • Light-contact rounds fighting
  • Forms – Free Forms
  • Kick Light

· Junior events - semi-contact and forms – weight and belt divisions

· Junior events - light-contact -weight and belt divisions

· Senior events - weight and belt divisions

Weigh In from 07:00 until 08:30

Start promptly at 09:00

Barnard Stadium Indoor Sport Center

c/o Plane & Green Avenue

Isando, Kempton Park

INFO 2 - Jock of the Bushveld / Saturday 09 June 2018, Nelspruit

Jock of the Bushveld Kickboxing event

INFO 3 - WAKO Cadet / Junior World Championships 2018 Venice, Italy

For fighters who made the National / President Squads at the 2018 SA`s. Should there be a national and a president`s squad member in the same weight category the national squad member will get preference. Should you be a member of the President`s team and the National team member is late with the deposit the President`s team member will go.

However, with the Cadet / Junior Champs we are allowed to have two fighters per weight division. If more than two fighters per weight division send in their admin and intention to attend, the third person will be notified that he/she cannot be accommodated.

Place - The WAKO Cadet / Junior World Championships will be held in Palazzo Del Turismo Jesolo, Venice - Italy. A very popular European holiday destination.

Dates - The championships will take place from 15 September to 23 September 2018. We are planning to leave on 14 September 2018. We will be returning on 23 September and will be landing at OR Tambo the next day. These timings can be changed but it gives you a good indication for your planning.

Categories of Participation Tatami Sport:

- Younger Cadets (age 10 to 12 on 16 Sep) and should be accompanied by a parent/instructor/adult and may only do Semi Contact and Musical Forms.

- Older Cadets (age 13 to 15 on 16 Sep) and should be accompanied by parent/instructor/adult) may do Musical Forms, Semi Contact Light Contact and Kick Light.

- Juniors (age 16 to 18 on 16 Sep) and can be accompanied by parent/instructor/adult and may do Musical Forms, Semi Contact, Light Contact and Kick Light.

- You may do more than one Tatami style but do not attempt to do more than two styles.

Categories of Participation Ring Sport:

- Younger Juniors (age 15 to 16 on 16 Sep) may only do one of the following; Full Contact, Low Kick or K1.

- Older Juniors (age 17 to 18 on 16 Sep) may only do one of the following; Full Contact, Low Kick or K1.

Participants - There may only be two fighters per weight, per division, per country. The best of the best. This is why WAKO is the only official kickboxing organization accepted by Sport accord, IWGA and by the IOC for the World Combat Games. Taking the amount of divisions into consideration we can take a large team to the champs. Weight divisions for the various categories can be found on the WAKO web site.

Medical - Every fighter must have the WAKO medical form completed by a medical doctor who must sign and place the practice stamp on the form. It must also be accompanied by a letter head of the doctor stating that the person may do Kickboxing. The letter must be in English. No letter no participation. Get this documentation completed by the end of August / beginning of September just before we leave and keep it with you to be handed in at the weigh - in. Every fighter must have a medical that covers you internationally. A travel and medical insurance will be compulsory for each fighter. This will be included in the air fare.

Passports - Only permanent passports are accepted with a 6 month or longer validity after return. It must also have open pages for customs administration. A copy must be scanned and e-mailed to me when paying your deposit. No temporary passports will be accepted and should you not have a passport, send the notice of application.

Unabridged Birth Certificate - This is compulsory for all juniors under the age of 18. Send a copy here of or proof of application with your deposit.

Financial - The following are ESTIMATES and can change;

1. Air Fare; R15,000.00; should we get it cheaper we will do so. We will not be flying around the world to get R500 off. We will be taking the shortest route.

2. Entry Fee per person per division; 50 Euro. Should you participate in two divisions it will be 100 Euro.

3. Accommodation; 70 Euro per person per day in a double room. 65 Euro per person per day in a triple room. This includes breakfast and dinner.

4. Visa - Must be obtained by the Italian Embassy. We will come back to you regarding this administration and fee to be paid.

5. Clothes; You need at least two track suits, four t-shirts and a sports bag - R3,500.00. The amount of clothes you take will determine the final price.

6. Fighting equipment / clothing will be managed by Aslam because Top Ten makes our fighting gear. This detail will be communicated to you later.

7. Admin fee; R1,000.00

8. Transport from the airport to the hotel and back will be plus minus 40 Euro per person depending on the size of the group.

9. Italy has a city tax which amounts to 2.50 euro per day per person should you stay in a 4 star hotel and 1.50 euro should you stay in a 3 star hotel.

Please take note that things do go up and our Rand has become very weak. The above amounts are estimates which can change. I will be informing you when to pay what. The first payment will be the deposit.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once a deposit is paid and you can no longer go to the event you lose the full deposit. Once a deposit has been paid or initial administration done it serves as proof that you have read this info document. We have very little time to start paying accommodation and air fare. Should a payment not be paid on the due date we will accept the non-payment on due date as a declaration that you will no longer go with and will lose all payments done to date.

Deposit - A deposit of R3,000 per person in attendance must be paid by 25 May 2018. Your admin fee ( R1,000 ) will be deducted from here and the remaining amount ( R2,000 ) will be used towards your air ticket deposit. Should the air ticket deposit be more we will notify you asp. ONCE YOU HAVE PAID THE DEPOSIT AND CANNOT GO NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON, YOU LOOSE THE FULL DEPOSIT. The reason for this is that initial expenses must be undertaken to organize such ventures.

Initial Admin Needed - Admin needed by everyone intending to go by or before 25 May 2018;

- Names and Surname,

- Age as on 16 September 2018 and ID Number.

- Tel No / Fax No / Cell No / e-mail which is active and does not change every minute.

- Style of fighting / weight / age (the weight you give me is the weight you fought on at the SA's and will be fighting in, we cannot change it once we are there).

- Passport copy and unabridged certificate. Scan it and e-mail it.

- All the above must be mailed to pcarney@mweb.co.za

Officials - Should there be an instructor who has been active with SAKA and would like to attend as a coach / manager or Referee / Judge contact me at 0837706022. President / National colours can be obtained for these positions.

Payments - All deposit payments (R3,000) must be made into the Kickboxer Account, ABSA, Acc no 9054544918 by 25 May 2018 and the deposit slip sent to Pat at above e-mail address. Put your name in the reference on the deposit slip for me to see who paid. Expected payments to be done on the following dates;

- 50% of accommodation by 15 June 2018.

- Air ticket deposit by 1 June 2018.

- Clothing payment will be communicated to you.

- Deposit payment by or before 25 May 2018.

- Remaining 50% accommodation payment by 10 August 2018.

- Final Air Fare payments will be liaised with you.

- Transport, city tax and entry fee will be paid at registration there.

Sponsorship Letters - Will be sent to you once the deposit has been paid.


- We go as a team and return as a team. No breakaways.

- No funny money or voyager payment schemes. Air Fare to be paid into Travel Agent's account. We will give you the date of payment and the account number.

- When doing a cash or cheque payment you must include the bank fees. Should you not do it I will have to deduct it from the R2,000 of your deposit, not from the admin fee.

Spectators / Parents. All are welcome to join us. For those who will come with must also follow the admin and financial process.

We have always enjoyed our trips and see no reason why we cannot enjoy this one. Venice is a great place and you will enjoy it. LET`S GO TO WHERE REAL KICKBOXERS DETERMINE WHO THE OFFICIAL WORLD CHAMPION IS.

Pat Carney

SAKA Chairperson


Send mail to pat@kickboxer.co.za