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INFO 1 – GREAT NORTH No1: 16 and 17 March 2019

GREAT NORTH No1: 16 and 17 March 2019

An open competition for all SAKA registered Kickboxers in the styles; Semi, Light Contact, Kick Light, Full Contact and K1 / Low Kick. All clubs North of the Orange River must attend this event to participate at the SA`s once selected for your province. This is also the event where we see the potential of new fighters. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL SAKA EVENT.

Place; Hangar, at Pat`s Gym; Swartkop Air Force Base West, Old JHB Rd, Valhalla, Pretoria. The entrance is on the Old JHB Rd opposite the Swartkop Air Force Museum.

Weigh In; Weigh - in on Saturday morning for the Tatami Sport will be a weight check at different times for the various divisions. The advantage here of is that you need not sit in the hall waiting for hours before you compete. All ring Sport will be on Sunday at 07h30. Kick Light weighs in with Semi and Light Contact on Saturday. Weigh -in on Saturday will be at different times as per the competition procedures.

WARNING; Do not starve your children to be in a specific weight division, it is medically dangerous. Should your weight be incorrect to such an extent that we have to put you into another division you will be fined R100. We will not entertain any discussions about your weight. Weight discipline is vitally important in our sport. KICKBOXING IS A WEIGHT DISCIPLINE SPORT.

Every participant must have a completed indemnity at the weigh in. Draw a copy from the web site and have it completed before the weigh-in. No indemnity forms will be available at weigh in. No correctly filled in indemnity no participation. ALL INSTRUCTORS WILL COMPLETE A DECLARATION stating that all his / her fighters have passed their annual medical as per SAKA Constitution and Medical Procedure. This form must also be drawn from the web site and completed by the instructor to be handed in at the Officials meeting. SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY

Competition Procedure; We will have 8 Tatami's the Saturday for the Tatami sport. The Sunday we will have two rings for Ring Sport and 4 Tatamis for Kick Light depending on the amount of entries. You can do both Tatami and Ring Sport should you not have been injured in the Tatami Sport the previous day. You cannot do Kick - Light and Ring together.

SATURDAY ACTIVITY; We will separate the novice divisions from the more advanced divisions. The Tatami Competition begins at 09h00. Instructors / coaches / officials meeting at 08h30. All junior white to green belt divisions do their weight check at 07h30 to 08h00. All junior blue to black belt divisions do their weight check at 10h30 to 11h00. Senior Tatami fighters do their weight check at 12h30 to 13h00. Weight check will be done in Pat`s gym and not in the Hangar. Please do not be there before your weight check asking us when you will be participating.

SUNDAY ACTIVITY; In Ring Sport we will try to separate the novice from the more advanced. Weigh -in and medical starts at 07h30 for Ring Sport. Instructor / coaches / officials meeting at 08h00. All Ring Sport Fighters MUST hand in a copy of their medical at the weigh - in.

SA`s Preparation; All fighters who were selected to represent their province at the SA`s MUST compete in the Open divisions. At the SA`s there are no novice divisions you are supposed to be the best in what you are doing.

Entries; Participation is R250 for one / two styles. An additional style is an extra R50. Once you have entered there are no refunds. Payment is done in advance not at the weigh - in. Payment must be done into Kickboxer, ABSA Bank, Account No 9054544918. Reference on payment MUST be GN 1 and Instructor`s Name. ALL REGISTRATION FORMS AND PROOF OF PAYMENTS PER CLUB MUST BE SENT TO E-MAIL, pcarney@mweb.co.za BY 17h00 ON 12 MARCH 2019. Late entries and payments will not be attended too. WE DO ADMIN PER CLUB AND NOT PER INDIVIDUAL. Do not tell your students to pay individually, it comes through as one club payment.


Rewards; Having the opportunity to test your skill, manage your stress and make new friends by means of contact. Should you slip up at the SA`s but have done well at the Great North in an Open Division it is taken into consideration for team selection. First three places receive large medals and every participant receives a Great North certificate. THE BIGGEST REWARD IS CHARACTER BUILDING AND THE MORE YOU PARTICIPATE THE BETTER YOU BECOME. Being afraid is natural, all good fighters stress, but you must overcome your fear by participating.

Rules and weight divisions; WAKO Fighting Rules will be used. Weight categories for SAKA events;

All Jnr Boys Tatami = under 28 / - 32 / -37 / - 42 / - 47 / - 52 / - 57 / - 63 / - 69 / - 74 / - 79 / - 84 / - 89 / - 94 / + 94.

All Jnr Girls Tatami = under 28 / - 32 / - 37 / - 42 / - 46 / - 50 / - 55 / - 60 / - 65 / - 70 / + 70.

All Jnr Boys Ring = under 48 / - 51 / - 54 / - 57 / - 60 / - 63.5 / - 67 / - 71 / - 75 / - 81 / - 86 / - 91 / + 91.

All Jnr Girls Ring = under 40 / - 44 / - 48 / - 52 / - 56 / - 60 / - 65 / - 70 / + 70.

Snr Men Tatami = under 57 / - 63 / - 69 / - 74 / - 79 / - 84 / - 89 / - 94 / +94.

Snr Woman Tatami = under 50 / - 55 / - 60 / - 65 / - 70 / + 70.

Veteran Men Tatami = under 63 / - 74 / - 84 / - 94 / + 94.

Veteran Woman Tatami = under 55 / - 65 / + 65.

Snr Male Ring = under 51 / - 54 / - 57 / - 60 / - 63.5 / - 67 / - 71 / - 75 / - 81 / - 86 / - 91 / + 91.

Snr Female Ring = under 48 / - 52 / - 56 / - 60 / - 65 / - 70 / + 70.


  1. Do not contact me with feeble excuses, get control of your admin.
  2. Ensure that all your participants have completed the indemnity to be handed in at the weigh -in and your parents have signed. Do this at your club.
  3. Have explained all the rules to your participants and parents, inform them that this is a day event and not a quick rugby match. Put a copy of this invite in your club for all to read and also give the parents the website address www.kickboxer.co.za
  4. Ensure that all your fighters have passed their annual medical to do Kickboxing.
  5. Be officiating, not coaching. Appoint qualified coaches ( those who did the course ) to assist your new people.
  6. Ensure that your coaches get their official`s tags at the Officials meeting.
  7. Ensure that your participants have the correct kit and clothes. All ring sport fighters must bring a long and a short pants with.
  8. Ensure that no juniors under 12 years old do ring sport.
  9. Ensure that any fighter doing a combat sport for longer than 24 months is no longer a novice.
  10. Your fighters who do full contact on the Tatami's will be disqualified immediately. Teach your fighters the rules.
  11. Ensure that your fighters selected into a provincial team who will be attending the SA`s do not enter into the novice division. They must compete in Blue to Black.
  12. Not bring fighters from non-registered clubs to our events.
  13. Ensure that no one of the club brings fire arms, liquor or food onto the premises. The Military Police will be moving around doing check-ups.
  14. Inform your parents that no one may play on the parade ground.

Canteen . A canteen selling eats and drinks will be available. Please do not bring in any cooler boxes, alcohol etc. We will lose the use of the premises and will have to stop the competition. In such a situation all entries paid in will not be returned but will be kept by the organizers to cover all the expenses.

Equipment; Only regulated equipment will be allowed. Check web site under calendar. We are not allowing any other equipment and no discussions about it. Groin guards must be strapped to your body under your clothes. All ladies / girls from the age of 12 years old must wear a groin guard and those who have developed breast MUST wear a chest protector.

Dress; All officials must be dressed in black trousers, SAKA Golf shirt or white shirt and tie / bow tie. Participants must wear kickboxing clothes or Gi. No T-Shirts may hang out. Long pants for Semi, light and Full contact. Short pants for K1 / Low Kick and Kick Light.

Agreement; Instructors and Assistant instructors will be officiating not coaching. Clubs must have qualified coaches coaching the fighters. People not working will not be allowed between the Tatamis and Rings. Instructors can coach ring style fights.

Divisions; White to Green, Blue to Black belt. Should a semi / light contact division not have 5 or more fighters the fighters of that division will be re-arranged between the higher and lower divisions. Should a division have to many fighters we will try to split the higher and lower belts. Ring styles have no belt order but we will try to separate the novice from the advanced fighter. Should a ring style fighter not have an opponent he / she will be matched in another ring style. To be a K1 fighter you must have done Full and Low Kicks which gives you the capability to do all forms of Ring Sport. You cannot do two different Ring Style modes.

We will be strict in applying the rules. Should a fighter not defend him / herself or be unfit or not on standard the bout will be stopped for the safety of the fighter and the stronger fighter wins.

Spectators / Parking . You do not pay to enter the hall as a spectator. There is seating for 500 people in the hall. Parking is free. Bring camping chairs with to sit outside under the trees making friends with other kickboxing families should your fighter not be fighting yet. TAKE NOTE, WE HAVE STAGGERED THE EVENT, COME WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN TO BE THERE NOT BEFORE THE TIME.

VERY IMPORTANT; There is only one Great North of this nature before the SA`s to test your skills. Great North 1 is a compulsory event should you want to attend the SA`s or become a future top fighter. DO`NT FORGET = Indemnity for all participants and a declaration from the instructor that all his fighters have passed their annual medical.

Event Organizer; Pat Carney; Cell 083 770 6022; e-mail pcarney@mweb.co.za ; LETS MEET WHERE REAL KICKBOXERS PARTICIPATE


My opinion about contact sport = Speaking about it builds no character, doing it builds super character. Loosing and returning to your club is the ultimate of character building. Winning and staying humble is also the ultimate of character building. By doing this type of sport you are a few within millions with guts. No matter what you are a WINNER.

That`s why I love this game.




Send mail to pat@kickboxer.co.za