127-JanOfficial`s TrainingRegions / ProvincesChairpersonsTraining can be done combined, liaiase with Abdullah
227-JanDevelopment EventGeorgeSors 
331-JanPayment of All Sanctioning fees to host an event on this calendar.Into SAKA AcntAll event organizersSAKA Acnt No; 4066548593 ABSA. Reference organizers name. Amount per event R500.00
403-FebProfessional Fighters testingPretoria and Cape TownPat and JoshCompulsory for all new Pro Fighters.
503-FebTatami EventTBAChantellThis will be for the Southern region.
603-FebTatami EventHermanusRuhan v Romburgh 
703-FebAll Styles eventPaarlHarunWinelands area
810-FebCoaches CoursePretoria and Cape TownPat and JoshThis is the SAKA Coaches course for all instructors and assistant instructors whom have not yet done it. Cost R250, must be paid at the venue. Each person attending must know the SAKA / WAKO rules and our Constitution.
924-FebAll Styles eventGeorgeRanger 
1024-FebKick Light Development EventPretoriaPatWill be hosted at the Hangar.
1124-FebAll Styles eventDelftSydney 
1224-FebTiny TitansBrakpanRaymondAn event for all little ones.
1303-MarRing Sport Fight NightBarn YardMarius and MorneFighters will be selected. All Guateng kickboxers and families to support.
1410-MarWestern Cape ChampsHermanusRuhan v RomburghFor all W/ Cape District teams.
1524-MarDevelopment EventLangebaanGerals 
1624 & 25- MarGreat North 1PretoriaPatWill be hosted at the Hangar.
1731-MarRing Sport EventBellvilleRuhan Louw 
1807-AprK-1 EventTBARayanaPlace will be announced.
1907-AprNorthern Cape ChallengeNorthern CapeLynettePlace will be announced.
2014-Apr Jungle WarParysGerhardA RCFAI rules event open to all
2127-29 AprSA ChampionshipsPretoriaPatPlease arrange accommodation in advance. NO INSTRUCTOR WILL BE ALLOWED TO COACH TATAMI WE ALL WORK. I will be strict no excuses.
2205-MayK- 1 EventtbaNicolasPlace will be announced.
2312-MayGradingsAll Styles / RegionsVarious Style HeadsKeep date open for the various gradings.
2419-MayTatami EventBredasdorpRodney 
2518 - 20 MayArnold ClassicsJHBSAKAWill be held at the Sandton Centre.
2626-MayRing Sport eventCape TownDorothy 
2726-MaySouth Coast Challenge No 1EdenPhillipFor All Styles
2802-JunTatami eventKempton ParkDanie du Plessis 
2902-JunAll Styles eventCape TownDave Venter 
3009-JunSidokan EventRandfonteinHenkShould you want to know more about the style contact Shihan Henk Pelser.
3109-JunJock of the BushveldBabertonBrandt EhlersThis event needs support to help develop the province.
3216-JunTatami EventMoorreesburgMoenaam 
3323-JunJunior Fight NightPretoriaLouise 
3423-JunTatami EventPotchefstroomHein 
3523-JunTatami EventCape TownDorothy 
3623-JunEden inter club eventGeorgeEden 
3723-JunWineland inter club eventPaarlWinelands 
3830-JunK-1 EventCape TownNevilleRing Sport
3921-JulTeam EventKempton ParkAslamTeams will be formed for Semi, Light and Kick Light.
4028-JulNorthern Cape ChallengeNorthern CapeLynettehosting town to be announced
4128-JulWinelands inter club eventPaarlWinelandsContact Harun
4228-JulTatami EventCape TownDTS 
4328-JulDevelopment EventGeorgeEdenContact Sors
4428-JulBushveld ChallengeThabazimbiPeetRing Sport
4504-AugFight Girls EventCape TownRayanaTatami and Ring Sport
4604-AugFit Pit ChallengePretoriaSchalkTatami event.
4711-AugRing Sport eventVredenburgPine 
4811-AugLadies CupHermanusRuhan v RomburghTatami Event.
4918-AugSouth Coast Challenge 2GeorgeSorsAll Styles34
5025-AugGreat North 2BrakpanRaymondTatami and Ring Sport.
5125-AugTatami EventCape TownDorothy 
5229-AugWomans eventPaarlWinelandsTatami event. Contact Harun.
5301-SepRing Sport EventBellvilleRuhan Louw 
5401-SepWinelands inter club eventPaarlWinelandsContact Harun.
5508-SepTatami ChallengeKempton ParkWillem Kruger 
5608-SepTatami EventCape TownChantal ( Kazoku ) 
5722-SepEden ChampionshipsGeorgeEdenTatami and Ring Sport. Contact Sors.
5829-SepFit Pit ChallengePretoriaSchalkTatami event.
5929-SepTatami SportGermistonAlex 
6029-SepAll Styles EventDelftSydneyTatami and Ring Sport
6106-OctK- 1 EventCape TownNeville 
6213-OctGreat North 3BrakpanAbdullahTatami Sport and Ring Sport.
6313-OctTatami EventVeldriftNoordhoek Club 
6427-OctKick Light ChallengePretoriaPatHosted at the Hangar.
6527-OctTiny TitansBrakpanRaymondTatami Sport.
6603-NovGirls Fight NightPretoriaLouise 
6728-JulNorthern Cape ChallengeNorthern CapeLynettehosting town to be announced
6827-OctTatami EventCape TownDave Venter 
6927-OctOverberg District ChampionshipsHermanusDistrictContact Ruhan v Romberg.
7027-OctWinelands District ChampionshipsPaarlWinelandsContact Harun
7117-NovColour Belt GradingsAll Styles / RegionsStyle HeadsKeep this date open for gradings.
7224-NovBlack Belt GradingsAll Styles / RegionsStyle HeadsDo not grade people who are not active in SAKA.
7325-NovSidokan EventRandfonteinHenkOpen to all who are interested.
7401-DecRing Sport EventCape Town Dorothy 
7508-DecK-1 EventCape TownRayanaRing Sport
15 - 9 AprTurkish OpenAntalya, TurkeySAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
214-AprSA vs CanadaCanadaSAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
315 - 17 JunBattle of AtlantaUSARCFAIFurther info must be obained from Gerhard
415 - 23 SepWAKO JNR World ChampsItalySAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
526 - 30 SepRussian OpenAnapa, RussiaSAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
629-SepNamibiaNamibiaRCFAIFurther info must be obained from Gerhard
719 - 24 MarAfrican ChampsCamareonSAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
8TBASA vs MauritiusSouth AfricaSAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.
9TBASA vs TurkeySouth AfricaSAKADetail will be sent to provincial heads & placed on web.





1. We only have a limited amount of regular fighters whom cannot be at every event. It is also costly to attend all the events. However fighters must attend the major events to be selected for participation at the SA Championships.

2. The Calendar events / activities are sanctioned SAKA events. Only SAKA registered clubs may participate at the events. Should another MASA registered organization / club want to participate at our events special authority must be obtained from the SAKA Chairman. The reason for this is that these organizations / clubs do not follow SAKA medical procedures and do not pay registration fees.

3. Only SAKA sanctioned kit may be used. Acceptable makes are the following; Kickboxer, Top Ten, Addidas ( some articles are not acceptable ), Title ( the head guard is not acceptable ), Ring Star, Chayil, Shen, Fairtex, Kixx ( a new brand ) and Dragon ( a new brand ). The two new brands have been tested. To ensure that you get the correct equipment work through your instructor. Although the above equipment has been accepted the instructor and referee must ensure that the equipment is in good repair.

4. The sanctioning fee to host a calendar event must be paid into the SAKA account by 31 January 2018 ( ABSA, Acnt No 4066548593 ). The amount as decided upon at the last Executive meeting is R500.00 per event no matter what the size of the event is. The reference on the deposit must be the organizers name and the proof of deposit must be sent to by 2 February 2018. Should you cancel your event the fee is not refunded. No payment no event.

5. Events must be organized as per the Events Act and must be supported by well qualified medical officials. APPLY SAKA MEDICAL PROCEDURES.

6. SAKA medical procedures must be followed strictly as per our Constitution and the summary there of on the web site.

7. Instructors who grade students as kickboxers but do not let them participate at our events must refrain from giving such people kickboxing grades.

8. Your students may participate at other MASA registered organization`s events. We may not participate at non registered organizations / clubs events. Should you do so you could be suspended from SAKA. We are family and assist one another.

9. All Professional events will be organized separate from the above and must have SAKA sanctioning. All Pro admin must be done through Josh Cloete who serves as the Pro Chairperson for SAAKA. These events may be supported by `A` class amateur fights and Super Ams.

10. Our events may not have any other form of Martial Art, Wrestling or Boxing presented at the same event. Events must be separated and managed by the separate organizations.

11. You may not participate at an international event as a member of the national team should you not have a passport whether it be in or outside the RSA.

12. Inter training events between three or less clubs need not be sanctioned because it is deemed to be special training. The medical procedures must still be followed.

13. All instructors and assistant instructors must be first aid qualified.

14. All instructors must know the WAKO rules which can be found at

15. You can only get official KICKBOXING colours through SAKA.

16. Instructors must ensure that all people training kickboxing have completed an Indemnity before they start their training at your club / gym.



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