118-JanAll Club / Gym Registrations paid to SAKA. Cost R750 per club, gymABSA; Acnt No 4066548593Prov Chairperson to confirm activity Each chairperson to send SAKA chairperson the consolidated list.
226-JanOfficial`s TrainingRegions / ProvincesAbdullah & JDOrganizers to ensure that it is done
326-JanTatami ChampionshipsCape TownChairpersonYour officials course must be done before the event
426-JanEden Championships /TrialsGeorgeChairpersonYour officials course must be done before the event
527-JanAll sanction fees for the year`s events to be paid.ABSA; Acnt No 4066548593Event OrganizersAmount, R500 per event. Send proof of payment to SAKA Chairperson.
602-FebNew Professional fighter`s testingPretoria and Cape TownPat and JoshCompulsory for all new Pro fighters.
709-FebCoaches CoarsePretoria and Cape TownPat and JoshCompulsory for all new instructors and Coaches. R250 per person.
816-FebFirst Aid CourseBrakpanRaymondFor all Northern region instructors.
916-FebFirst Aid CourseCape Town and GeorgeJosh and SorsFor all Southern region instructors.
1016-FebRCFA Event TBA Gerhard Style Specific Event
1123-FebProvincial TrialsAll ProvincesChairpersonAll Provincial Trials to be completed by this date. Prov arrange specific date internally.
1223-FebMall EventPretoria Tjolla and Pat to assistYou will be notified of the nature and which Mall.
1323-FebBattle of the KarooOudtshoornRanger 
1423-FebVibrant Ring SportOttery, Cape TownDorothyRing Sport
1523-FebTitan Fight LeagueGeorgeSean NorrisUnder the auspices of Eden Kickboxing.
1602-MarDTS Tatami eventParow ValleyAlexander 
1709-MarFight Girls eventOtteryRayanaRing Sport
1816 - 17 MarGreat North 1PretoriaPatThis event runs over two days.
1930-MarSupreme Fight League Rivonia Marius & Morne Amature & Ring Sport
2030-MarSidokan event LepalaleHenk Style Specific Event
2106-AprTiny Titans and Lady`s event.BrakpanRaymondTatami only.
2206-AprPFC RingGoodwood Alice ArdinalRing Sport
234 - 7 AprTurkish OpenAntalya, TurkeyPatAll activities will be made known in Jan 19. This is an Open event.
2413-AprTatami Team EventGauteng. Town TBAEddie JacobsenAn inter style friendly team event.
2526 - 28 AprSA National ChampionshipsOudtshoornWestern Cape and Eden Chairpersons.Only registered Amateur club fighters are allowed. Foreingers are not allowed to represent a province.
2617 - 19 MeiArnold`s and Southern African Challenge.Sandton Covention Centre.Aslam and PatAll detail will be made known when necessary.
2725-MayTitan Fight LeagueGeorgeSean NorrisUnder the auspices of Eden Kickboxing.
2801-JunSouth Coast Challenge 1GeorgeNantasAll Styles.
2901-JunTricore Ring ChallengeKraaifonteinRuhanRing Sport
3001-JunUniversity Challenge Potchefstroom Johan vd SchyfTatami Event Only
3101-JunSidokan event Meyerton Dave Style Specific Event
3208-JunGalaxy ChallengeKempton ParkDanieTatamie Sport.
3308-JunRCFA Event TBA Gerhard Gauteng
3413-15 Jun Battle of AtlantaAtlanta , USA GerhardRCFAI Event
3522-JunMall EventPretoriaTjolla and Pat to assistYou will be notified of the nature and which Mall.
3629-JunSupreme Fight League Rivonia Marius & Morne Amature and Pro Ring Sport
3729-JunSidokan event Durban Henk Style Specific Event
3806-JulMonkon ChallengeKraaifonteinMatthew LessingStyle TBA
3913-JulJock of the BushveldBabertonBrandtRing and Tatami
4020-JulDevelopment eventGeorgeEden KickboxingTatami Sport
4120-JulRevolutionized ChallengeDelftSaint DumasTatami
4227-JulTop Ten Team ChallengeKempton ParkAslam Tatami Event.
4327-JulTitan Fight LeagueGeorgeSean NorrisUnder the auspices of Eden Kickboxing.
4403-AugVibrant ChallengeOtteryDorothy 
4503-AugSidokan SA Championships Gauteng. Henk Style Specific Event
4610-AugBundu Bash ChallengeThabazimbiPetrusAll Styles.
4710-AugFight Girls eventOtteryRayanaRing Sport
4817-AugEden Interclub ChallengeGeorgeEden KickboxingTatani
4931-AugGreat North 2BrakpanRaymondRing and Tatami Sport
5031-AugMonkon RingKraaifonteinMatthew LessingRing Sport
5107-SepDevelopment eventKempton ParkWillemTatami
5207-SepRCFA Event TBA GerhardStyle Specific Event
5321-SepMall EventPretoriaTjolla and Pat to assistYou will be notified of the nature and which Mall.
5427-28 Sep Desert Storm Namibia GerhardRCFAI Event
5528-SepRevolutionized ChallengeDelftSaint DumasTatami
5628-SepSupreme Fight League Rivonia Marius & Morne Amature & Pro Ring Sport
5728-SepTiny Titans event.BrakpanRaymondTatami
5805-OctVibrant ChallengeOtteryDorotheyRing Sport
5912-OctGreat North 3Pretoria ( Hangar )Abdullah Tatani Sport
6012-OctSouth Coast Challenge 2GeorgeEden KickboxingTatami and Ring
6119 - 27 OctSenior WAKO World ChampionshipsBosnia and HertzogeveniaWAKO / SAKAStyles; K1 / LC / LK
6226-OctSidokan Event Durban Henk Style Specific Event
6326-OctTitan Fight LeagueGeorgeSean NorrisUnder the auspices of Eden Kickboxing.
6426-OctCape Storm EventMelkbosDave VenterTatami Sport
6526-OctTricore Ring ChallengeKraaifonteinRuhanRing Sport
6602-NovSAKA Executive MeetingPretoriaPat 
6702-NovPFC RingGoodwood Alice ArdinalRing Sport
6809-NovMall Grand Challenge EventPretoriaTjolla and Pat to assistYou will be notified of the nature and which Mall.
6916-NovCape Town ChampionshipsCape TownChairperson 
7016-NovSupreme Fight League Rivonia Marius & Morne Amature & Pro Ring Sport
7116-NovAll Styles Colour Belt GradingPretoria and other RegionsRegional Style LeadersAll colour belt certificates must be obtained from Pat
7223 - 30 NovSenior WAKO World ChampionshipsAntalya, TurkeyWAKO / SAKAStyles; FC / SC / KL / Forms
7323-NovAll Styles Black Belt GradingPretoria and other RegionsRegional Style LeadersAll BB certificates must be obtained by Pat
7430-NovMonkon RingKraaifonteinMatthew LessingRing Sport
7502-DecFight Girls eventOtteryRayanaRing Sport




For official Amateur Rules see and for Professional Rules see As SAKA we may adapt rules / regulations to suite the South African situation. Such changes must be authorized by the SAKA Chairperson.


1. We only have a limited amount of regular fighters whom cannot be at every event. It is also costly to attend all the events. However fighters must attend the major events to be selected for participation at the SA Championships.

2. The Calendar events / activities are sanctioned SAKA events. Only SAKA registered clubs may participate at the events. Should another MASA registered organization / club want to participate at our events special authority must be obtained from the SAKA Chairman. The reason for this is that these organizations / clubs do not follow SAKA medical procedures and do not pay registration fees.

3. Only SAKA sanctioned kit may be used. Acceptable makes are the following; Kickboxer, Top Ten, Addidas ( some articles are not acceptable ), Title ( the head guard is not acceptable ), Ring Star, Chayil, Shen, Fairtex, Kixx ( a new brand ) and Dragon ( a new brand ). The two new brands have been tested. To ensure that you get the correct equipment work through your instructor. Although the above equipment has been accepted the instructor and referee must ensure that the equipment is in good repair.

4. The sanctioning fee to host a calendar event must be paid into the SAKA account by 31 January 2019 ( ABSA, Acnt No 4066548593 ). The amount as decided upon at the last Executive meeting is R500.00 per event no matter what the size of the event is. The reference on the deposit must be the organizers name and the proof of deposit must be sent to by 2 February 2019. Should you cancel your event the fee is not refunded. No payment no event.

5. Events must be organized as per the Events Act and must be supported by well qualified medical officials. APPLY SAKA MEDICAL PROCEDURES.

6. SAKA medical procedures must be followed strictly as per our Constitution and the summary there of on the web site.

7. Instructors who grade students as kickboxers but do not let them participate at our events must refrain from giving such people kickboxing grades.

8. Your students may participate at other MASA registered organization`s events. We may not participate at non registered organizations / clubs events. Should you do so you could be suspended from SAKA. We are family and assist one another.

9. All Professional events will be organized separate from the above and must have SAKA sanctioning. All Pro admin must be done through Josh Cloete who serves as the Pro Chairperson for SAAKA. These events may be supported by `A` class amateur fights and Super Ams.

10. Our events may not have any other form of Martial Art, Wrestling or Boxing presented at the same event. Events must be separated and managed by the separate organizations.

11. You may not participate at an international event as a member of the national team should you not have a passport whether it be in or outside the RSA.

12. Inter training events between three or less clubs need not be sanctioned because it is deemed to be special training. The medical procedures must still be followed.

13. All instructors and assistant instructors must be first aid qualified.

14. All instructors must know the WAKO rules which can be found at

15. You can only get official KICKBOXING colours through SAKA.

16. Instructors must ensure that all people training kickboxing have completed an Indemnity before they start their training at your club / gym.



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