Attendance. A hard copy of the attendance register will be kept on the SAKA file.

Welcoming. The chairman welcomed all in attendance and specifically thanked the distant regions for making the effort to be at the SA`s. He further more told everyone that we are a family taking into account the change of venue and all provinces were in attendance.

Previous Minutes. The two points outstanding on the previous minutes are the following;

1. Log Books; The chairman decided that all the various kickboxing styles must continue using their own log books.

2. Creating Heroes; Extension was given to finalize this issue but it was still not finalized. The chairman will come back with a basic concept to get the ball rolling.

The finalization of the previous minutes was seconded by Charles and Bernie.

ITEM No 1; Arnold Classics

We will not be attending the event as kickboxing but all clubs who would like to enter individually may do so. As kickboxing we were not formally invited to the arrangement`s meeting and when raised at the MASA AGM we were to late to take part as a Blok. Members were told who to contact for participation.

ITEM No 2; Internationals

As SAKA we have already attended two internationals; the Turkish Open and the Canadian event. The chairman thanked Marie for all her hard work put in, to finalize the WAKO administration to attend and the delegation leaders who managed the teams. The main objective of each event was achieved. At the Turkish Opens the SA team ended tops of the medals tally out of 29 countries in attendance. It was SAKA`s first time in attending the Canadian challenge and the fighters did us proud. In the snow this was an ice breaker for more such events in Canada. This event was live streamed and watched by four million people in China. Without us realizing we are being watched everywhere.

ITEM No 3; Battle of Atlanta

All senior Black Belt fighters who do well at the SA`s may attend the Battle of Atlanta with the RCFA style. Gerhard Laubscher ( 082 788 2132 ) will be the co-ordinator for this venture who must also supply SAKA chairman with an official invite as to obtain the NC 1 for attendance. Official National colours will not be issued for this event. Detail regarding the event was handed out at the SA`s.

ITEM No 4; IWGA Acceptance

WAKO was accepted as a full sport at the IWGA ( International World Games Association ). To the European countries it means a lot, sadly for us in South Africa it means absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, it is important for WAKO`s standing international as an official accepted sport and it`s position towards IOC acceptance in future.

ITEM No 5; University Clubs

WAKO was also accepted to the International University Games. This is important for universities and clubs situated at universities. Should instructors want to start clubs at universities you can obtain a letter head from the chairman stating that you are a registered instructor. Johan v/d Schyff who is involved at that level explained to everyone how to get involved. He can be contacted at 082 853 4824.

ITEM No 6; Next SA` s for 2019

The SA`s will go back to the Western Cape to be hosted in the Eden district. The chairman warned them that he does not want to get there and have to sort out basics which were not attended too. Everything must be well planned in advance. The following must be taken into consideration; the hall must be able to accommodate 8 tatamis and two rings with 4 tatamis the next day; there must be three calibrated scales; sufficient score cards; division lists must be completed before weigh in; sufficient affordable accommodation available; medals must be SAKA standard or better; sufficient well trained officials; etc. Management must not delegate work without following it up or being involved.

ITEM No 7; Bad Administration

The chairman was very frank about the bad administration he receives from the provincial chair persons. Some are just worse than others. We must up our game in this respect. Herewith an early warning to prevent bad administration. The admin dates for 2019 registration and calendar;

1. Calendar dates for 2019 in by 9 November 2018. It must be consolidated per province.

2. Club registration must be paid by 31 January 2019. You pay per club into the SAKA Account; ABSA, 4066548593. The reference is the INSTRUCTOR`S NAME. MASA is reviewing the registration fees. Once it is done I will let you know the amount to be paid.

ITEM NO 8; WAKO World Championships

The Cadet and Junior World Championships will be hosted by Italy 30 km outside of Venice in one of their holiday areas. The WAKO invite has been placed on our website and it is also on the WAKO website. The period is 15 to 23 September 2018. Time is short and we will have the squads placed onto the website and sent to all provincial chairpersons asp. Due to the fact that we will be travelling with juniors get the following in place immediately;

1. Passports must have at least a six month validity with sufficient pages for customs.

2. Each child travelling must have an unabridged birth certificate.

3. Divorced parents must have their guardian administration in place.

4. All parents of juniors not going with must indicate in writing ( SAPS Affidavid ) who will be the junior`s guardian for the tour. Both parents must sign this affidavid.

Info 1 will be sent out once we have the junior squads finalized and it will contain all the deadline dates and estimated costs.

ITEM No 9; Financial

The chairman notified everyone that we have R88,000.00 in the SAKA account after we paid our MASA registrations. We need to still pay our WAKO registration which is normally 1200 Euro. Should anyone have any questions feel free to contact Charlie Ndlovu our treasurer. It was confirmed that finances will once again be needed to manage and administer SAKA. Should the amount exceed R5,000.00 executive approval will be needed.

Charlie and Aslam must finalize the auditing of the SAKA finances by 30 June 2018.


The chairman discussed the procedure of activities for the SA`s and gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to indicate whether they are still satisfied with the management of SAKA. Everyone indicated that they are satisfied.

The chairman once again thanked everyone for their positive attitude towards SAKA.

Patrick Carney Date: 30 April 2018

Herewith a note of concern which was not discussed at the AGM. Illegal scoring picked up at Great North 1 and during the SA`s which I ( Pat ) must bring under your attention. Myself, Danie Du Plessis and JD spoke about it and discussed it with the instructors at the Sunday morning get-together. It concerns Semi Contact which we are busy changing without realizing it. There is a clear difference between WAKO point fighting ( semi contact ) and that of other martial arts. Herewith a few examples where we are transgressing the WAKO rules;

1. Scoring criteria states the following; ` All techniques must be used with reasonable power. Any technique that simply touches, brushes or pushes an opponent will not be scored`. Most of these bad techniques are being scored.

2. The fighter must be looking at the point of contact when executing the technique. Focus.

3. The rules also make mention of illegal target areas of which one is Top of the Head. Why were the chops on the head been allowed and a point awarded.

4. Worst of all, normally found in continuous and ring sport is the hitting with the inside of the glove.

I did already go through all the WAKO rule changes and there is no mention of the above being changed. The latest addition of the WAKO Rules on their website is version 19 in which the above points still feature.

We must not allow our art of kickboxing to be infiltrated by make belief techniques. Myself and the official`s representatives will discuss this matter and come up with guidelines.

MASA AGM Minutes 2015

AGM Minutes 2016

AGM Minutes April 2017




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