1. Executive Members; P. Carney / M. Carney / J. Cloete / A. Bayett / C. Ndlovu / A. Mahommed

2. Other Attendance; J. Viljoen / G. Laubscher / S. Brown / M. Lotter / M. Lotter / L. Du Plessis / L. Van Staden / E. Theron / D. Du Plessis / J. Du Plessis / S. Grobbelaar


The chairman welcomed all in attendance and thanked those who travelled far at their own expense to attend. He also noted that we have come to the end of a very busy year which had a few challenges to contend with. These challenges were successfully resolved which shows that problems can be resolved should everyone work towards a common objective to promote our sport and not their personal interests.

ITEM No 1; The new Constitution

As all could remember the changes to the constitution were discussed at the AGM and accepted by a larger than 75% majority. After the changes were done the constitution was sent to an attorney to check it`s legality. It was found to be satisfactory and was placed on the web site in May 2017 for everyone to inspect. No dissatisfactions were reported. It is hereby confirmed that the changes made to the constitution are correct.

The chairman highlighted a few points of interest which people tend to forget;

1. We are not a business and should you lose income due to a decision taken at the higher level you cannot hold SAKA responsible for your loss of income.

2. Every club must be registered individually and pay ( R 700 ) into the SAKA account.

3. Placing SAKA into Disrepute can lead to termination of membership.

4. Disputes regarding clubs in close proximity are also explained in the constitution.

5. The constitution gives you all the aspects wrt the medical processes.

6. The assistant instructor concept is also explained. No person registered as an instructor / assistant instructor may present classes or manage a club should permission not have been given by the chairman of SAKA.

The chairperson expressed the importance that all registered members read our constitution and ensure that they comply with it. The constitution is the document that keeps us in line towards our main objective, SAKA / Kickboxing.

ITEM No 2; The AGM Minutes

The minutes were checked to ensure that all decisions taken at the time have been executed;

1. All international events were successfully executed. The chairperson thanked everyone who assisted to achieve this objective.

2. The work to be done on creating hero`s has not been completed and must be finalized by the end of March 2018.

3. The PC programme to manage events as developed by Campbell will be accepted and used at all our major events. The event managers will have to pay him for his assistance after the event. After a major event the four top fighters will be placed on the web site per division and style.

4. The use of Log books were discussed at the AGM and a number of people indicated that they have PC programmes that can substitute a log book but never came forth with the physical product. It was therefor decided that the Log Book will be re-introduced for every SAKA participant by the middle of March 2018.

ITEM No 3; WAKO IF Visit

During the first half of 2018 we will be doing two international seminars presented by WAKO IF members. The one will be held in the Western Cape and the other in Gauteng where after our guests will be taken to a Game Farm to experience the real South Africa. The seminars will include a judges and referees course, Tatami training and Ring training systems. There will be a fee for attendance to cover all logistics. All instructors must ensure that we have maximum attendance.

ITEM No 4; Admin / 2018 Planning Mail

An e-mail was sent from SAKA HQ to all provincial chairpersons and style heads on 22 October 2017 regarding a number of activities to be done for 2018. SEND THIS MAIL TO ALL YOUR INSTRUCTORS AGAIN and make sure they read it and understand it. The final date for calendar dates to be sent to SAKA Chairman is 1 December 2017. Any date sent to me hereafter will not be placed on the calendar. Dates must be consolidated in the province and sent to the SAKA chairman.

A correction to be made, the fees for the assistant instructors ( para 5 ) must be deposited into the SAKA account and not the Kickboxer account.

The SAKA Coaches Course is R 250 per person to cover expenses and it includes the certificate. Fees must be paid to the presenter at the course. Josh will present the course in the South and Pat the course in the North. Those who still have a valid certificate need not attend the course. These dates will appear on the calendar.

Misconceptions. People are under the impression that if they have paid for a new club to be registered it is automatically registered. Read the constitution, your new club is only registered once the SAKA Chairperson has given the authority in writing and it is placed on the web site. Similar to the sanctioning of events. Prepayment does not mean that your event must be placed on the calendar.

ITEM No 5; Tournaments / Events

Please ensure that the following standards / decisions are met;

5.1. The chairperson showed everyone what an acceptable medal looks like. It will be 91mm in size, have colouring and be glazed. Medals are not a specific style medal only, it must depict SAKA and it must not be different batches because you ran out of medals.

5.2. Costs; An event hosting both Tatami and Ring Sport is R250 and every additional style participated in will be an extra R50. A Tatami / Ring event only starts with R200 and every additional style will be R50 extra. The SA`s is R300 and every additional style is R50 extra. A inter club event may not exceed R100.

5.3. The PA system; For an event hosting both Tatami and Ring Sport MUST have two PA systems that work. One for the Tatamis and one for the Ring.

5.4. Medical; The medical procedure as contained in our constitution MUST be adhered to, NO compromise. For each two tatamis there must be at least one medical official. The ring has it`s own medical official who stays there permanently. There must be an ambulance ( fully equipped ) on site at all times. Should the one have to leave another must be brought in.

5.5. The tournament organizer is to ensure that there are enough table officials, referees and judges at all times. He / she must organize this in advance and keep them there for the duration of the tournament.

5.6. Equipment. The tournament organizer must ensure that all equipment ( not personal equipment ) is in place. No Tatami may be smaller than 6 x 6. Badly constructed rings may not be used.

5.7. Provincial Trials; Trials is not a tournament it is what the word says, you test fighters to participate at a higher standard. Only the SA`s are used as trials. The cost of trials may not exceed R50 per person.

5.8. Sanctioning Fees. All sanctioning fees for an event is R500 and must be paid into the SAKA account by 31 January 2018. The deposit reference must be the organizer`s name. Should it not be paid your event will be removed from the calendar and therefore not be sanctioned.

A tournament / event is not there for someone to enrich him/ herself. If you cannot present it professionally do not present it because you are giving SAKA a bad name.

ITEM No 6; High Performance Centre

The chairman congratulated the Western Cape with the establishment of the High Performance Centre in George. He also told Josh to convey his gratitude to the businessmen who was willing to assist. Josh gave feedback on how it will function as a high performance centre to improve the standard of Kickboxers. The chairman confirmed that the centre is not a kickboxing club. Should Eden / Western Cape kickboxing management want to extend the use of the centre in future it must be planned and all parties involved must be in agreement before presenting it to SAKA Chairman for authority.

ITEM No 7; Professional Kickboxing

The chairman noted that the professional side has picked up slowly due to certain reasons and complimented the Western Cape whose promoters put their money where their mouths are and are running fairly well. The Gauteng promoters confirmed that they will be having more events in 2018. Once both the major centres are running well the other areas will follow suite. The chairman noted the following regarding the standards;

7.1. Fighters are not yet on pro standard. This is something that can be up lifted by training.

7.2. Clubs / gyms with pro fighters must be registered with SAKA similar to the amateur clubs.

7.3. Before a fighter is registered as a pro he / she must have a credible amateur record and be tested by a SAKA panel to see whether he / she is on the standard we expect.

7.4. We must guard against taking other organizations dropouts or badly disciplined fighters.

Important dates; All licensing must be done by 30 January 2018 and all testing of fighters for pro will be done on 3 February 2018. There will be testing in the South and in the North. The places will be placed on the calendar.

A Tatami Sport Super Am fight night will be planned by Abdullah and Raymond which will also be placed on the calendar.

The promoters must liaise with Josh regarding possible event dates for 2018. This must also be placed on the calendar although it may change.

The promoters for SAKA in 2018 are; Neville Adinal, Ivan De Vries, Dorothy Cloete, Marius Lotter and Joe Viljoen.

ITEM No 8; SA Championships

The SA`s will be presented by Wineland Kickboxing in Paarl over the period 27 to 29 April 2018. Please do your arrangements as though you will be there for all three the days. The chairman warned that there will be no coaching by instructors on Tatamis only at the ring. All instructors will work. Start arranging the correct official`s dress within your provinces for all your officials ( black pants with SAKA golf shirt ). Instructors who hide away as a spectator will also not be allowed. We have been speaking about this long enough now. The provincial chairperson will be held responsible should the SAKA chairperson disqualify the entire province for not abiding by these rules. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR WAKO RULES and have completed the official`s course.

ITEM No 9; International Events

The following international events will be planned and placed on the calendar;

The Turkish Open in Turkey / SA vs Canada in Canada ( ring only ) / Battle of Atlanta ( RCFAI ) / Mauritius vs SA in SA / Junior WAKO World Championships in Italy ( 15 – 23 Sept ) / The Russian Open / SA vs Turkey in SA. As you can see there are many international events to be arranged and supported logistically.

The question was raised icw getting Semi Contact fighters to participate in SA. Sadly they want SAKA to pay everything for them which is impossible. Should the semi contact fighters have a businessman who is willing to assist with the finances please give the chairperson a call. There are international events such as the Turkish Open which semi contact fighters can attend.

ITEM No 10; African Development

Aslam has been appointed to work on this matter with government sporting officials. Our aim is to get as many Southern African countries activated as possible and to host an event in 2018. We don`t just want a club in the country we want the country`s sporting authorities to work with us. Once we have them involved our sporting authorities and their`s will be more willing to assist.

ITEM No 11; Woman`s Forum

Although we have many woman involved in kickboxing on all levels it is also important to have an avenue along which woman can share their ideas to help grow the sport. Marie Carney who is a member of the executive will serve as the avenue. To assist one another we must take the following into consideration;

1. This is not a generalized complaints avenue. Complaints follow the normal route as all other complaints.

2. Suggestions to uplift the sport for woman must be forwarded. However it must be kept in mind that all suggestions must be accompanied by logistical and financial support to make it happen. After all, we are all doing the sport as a passion and cannot expect people to use their own capital for suggested ventures.

3. Forward the suggestion via e-mail to pcarney@mweb.co.za

ITEM No 12; Aspects to take note of

Please take note of the following that can negatively affect the smooth management of SAKA;

1. SAKA is our main objective not another block or martial art. What happens elsewhere is of no concern of our`s. Should you be involved in multiple martial arts please do not bring their politics to us.

2. Should an event / tournament not be on our 2018 calendar it is not a SAKA event. The more you attend rogue kickboxing organization`s events the more you keep them alive. We are allowed to participate at other MASA member`s events.

3. Kickboxing does not create politics when managed according to our Constitution, Rules and Code of Conduct. People with hidden agendas and who cannot operate in a disciplined environment create politics.

4. Gradings is a style activity not a SAKA activity. Should you want to create your own style because you cannot maintain a high standard please do not contact the chairman to grade you to your next level because your style is shallow. People grading students faster than the martial art norm must stop it immediately. Styles who have created a system whereby additional cues / belts have been added to make more money from the student are not practicing a fair system. WAKO gradings are managed by the WAKO Representative of WAKO South Africa ( Patrick Carney ). This process has been explained before.

5. Disciplinary procedures must be followed within the provinces where serious problems do occur.

6. Medical procedures and the lack of having the correct equipment will not be tolerated at events. Incorrect equipment, no participation. The referee will be held directly responsible should there be an injury due to the use of incorrect equipment or not using equipment at all. How do you train students without equipment, as instructor you could be held liable for any injuries in your club should students be allowed to train without the correct equipment.

7. We are Martial Artist who are supposed to have; discipline, etiquette, integrity, honesty and loyalty towards one another. Let`s live these characteristics.

8. No provincial / regional chairperson is higher than the chairperson of SAKA.


Thank you to all SAKA members who contributed to the growth and success of our code ( kickboxing ). To all the parents entrusting their children to us and who have assisted as coaches, managers and general helpers without you there will be no sport. 2017 was tough but it was great, thank you to all once again.

Patrick Carney

Chairperson SA Kickboxing Association

MASA AGM Minutes 2015

AGM Minutes 2016

AGM Minutes April 2017




Send mail to pat@kickboxer.co.za